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March 20, 2020by DDISAPL

Due to the recent pandemic, DDIS has begun researching and developing a means of adapting our command center trailer and mast system to support the medical community’s needs for rapid and remote temperature sensing of large groups of people.
Detecting elevated body temperatures and fevers of people potentially infected with the Coronavirus is rapidly becoming a monumental task that triage doctors, as well as security agencies, need to rapidly perform OUTSIDE of hospitals and makeshift care centers. Obeying social distancing guidelines means people that are infected are physically spread out several blocks away from hospitals or other makeshift waiting areas. Temporary cruise ship passenger holding areas for example.
Infrared cameras on the 15 meter AirPhotosLIVE surveillance masts helps medical and security people monitor for people with exceptionally high body temperatures. The enclosed, custom, first-responder’s trailer can be rapidly deployed near critical outdoor treatment areas. To better count crowd size while determining which people may have fevers, AirPhotosLIVE
proposes to aerially monitor the gatherings with high resolution thermal imaging cameras. The goal is to help locate which people waiting in outdoor lines MAY have higher than normal body temperatures. AirPhotosLIVE’s 15-meter tall surveillance masts and aerostat balloon platforms are equipped with heat-detecting IR cameras. The prime goal in the stealth use of this 9-Eye platform is to help medical and homeland security experts determine: The number of people in a line with exceptionally high fevers.
Our self-contained, protective, climate-controlled trailer, and image analyst work station would be staged about 100 ft away from people at 50 ft above ground level. A cluster of high resolution (1024 x 768 pixel) infrared cameras allow multiple IR scans of a person as the line progresses. The elevated mast and 360 degree high definition IR cameras gives our photo analysts superior vantage points to detect temperatures around a persons forehead The elevated vantage points, with if need a tethered surveillance aerostat balloon, helps to accurately count and monitor the position of widely spread out crowds.

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