Richard J (Dick) Westergard, BA, CCM

Richard J (Dick) Westergard, BA, CCM

AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist and President of Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC

DDIS carefully plans and takes responsibility for choosing safe attractive weather for our analysis and aerial photo work. This involves occasionally contracting profesional NWS appvd meteroloists. For the Greater NY Region, we engage Richard Westergard.

Dick Westergard, an AMS Member, and an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist, is president of Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC in Niskayuna, New York, which he founded in 2004. Mr. Westergard has a BA degree from Marshall University and has worked in the field of meteorology since 1966. He served in the public sector from 1966 to 2004. The last 21 years of his public service career was in various field office leadership positions, including Official In Charge of the Huntington, West Virginia NWS office, Meteorologist in Charge of the Duluth, Minnesota NWS office and Warning Coordination Meteorologist in the Albany, NY NWS office. He is currently serving as president of the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists, and has done nationwide research with the SUNY Albany Communication Department on how people acquire, assimilate and utilize weather information. Mr. Westergard is a member of the National Weather Association, and the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists.

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