Large-Scale Construction Documentation Services

Large-Scale Construction Documentation Services

Digital Design & Imaging Service, Inc. provides competitive time-lapse construction documentation for project tracking and litigation protection. Through the use of our proprietary aerostat (moored balloon) we are able to provide superior perspectives, allowing our Clients to make superior decisions.

• Multiple 21-megapixel cameras provide superior optical detail. This level of resolution is important for litigation protection.
• Our proprietary tethered surveillance aerostats, drones, and and 55’ ft masts provide the ability to completely cover large-scale construction sites.
• 360° spherical panoramas from the ground to 800+ft above the site assures full coverage.
• FAA and TSA certificates and authorizations  allow us to cover 85% of Washington DC’s Flight-Restricted Zones.
• Imagery can be posted to password-protected online galleries at 5 different resolutions within 48 hours of the shoot and can be downloaded for web, print, or poster needs.
• Additionally, our aerials of the project, as it nears completion, often double as high-end marketing images

360° Orbital Coverage from End of Jib / Hook Block
Monthly or Bi-Weekly Documentation
Minimal to No Insurance Requirements
No Airspace Waivers Needed
4 Cardinal Dir. can be captured in Approx. 15 min.
$800/ Month for 4 Inward-Facing wide Stills. NSEW
$1,200/ month for 16 Cardinal Directions
Minimum Duration: Monthly for 1 Year.
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