PressArlington School Aims to Launch Satellite

The Washington Post
Arlington School Aims to Launch Satellite by Moira E McLaughlin
Published: May 24th, 2013

“Last week, the students, with the help of computer teacher Melissa Pore, conducted the first test of their satellite, which is called a CubeSat. It weighs three pounds and is about the size of a tissue box. They attached the satellite to a helium-filled weather balloon that was connected by rope to a truck. The students watched as the engineers who brought the weather balloon loosened the ropes, allowing the balloon to fly like a kite. The satellite rose 800 feet into the air. (That’s almost 250 feet higher than the Washington Monument.) Then the engineers brought the balloon and satellite back down.” – McLaughlin

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Photography: Moira E. McLaughlin/The Washington Post

Mission Possible Program - Successful Aerial Test of CubeSat

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