Microclimate Wind and Sound Pollution Analysis

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Microclimate Wind Analysis

DDIS can accurately analyze the winds and eddy patterns around buildings, which can make outdoor living/gardening spaces inhospitable. Sometimes, nearby buildings block powerful winds and allow desirable calm air flow at a penthouse level. Since DDIS has flown tethered balloons above urban sites for the last 14 years we have a good sense which proposed balconies and rooftops will be ruined by cold gusty winds, even in the summer. This microclimatic knowledge requires detailed study and time-lapse observation using anemometers. We can design on-site sensors that can help predict which weather patterns will generate a gusty and unpleasant rooftop space. Our wind gust and temperature prediction data, while not perfect, can give our Clients an honest assessment on how valuable their balcony or rooftop is likely to be. This site planning service is also collated with our visual viewshed panoramas.

Sound Pollution Analysis

The financial value of a residence or business located in tall buildings is often thought to be determined by its views. Scenic vistas usually fetch bigger rents. Noise pollution, on the other hand, decreases the value of a residence or office. Listening to sounds over 65+ decibels for long periods makes people anxious, edgy nervous. Even white noise–like wind or large fans cuts down on worker’s or tenants satisfaction. It also impedes the ability to clearly hear and enjoy soft discussions or music. For these reasons DDIS measures and communicates noises at various altitudes. We record the existing sound at elevation and combine it with the proposed viewshed you would get from a specific balcony, amenity deck or rooftop garden. Architects and sound engineers can use our data to locate problem areas and mitigate them with techniques, such as triple-paned glass and noise walls. DDIS simulations use visual and audio data to help advise potential tenants about the potential ‘feel’ of a new unit before purchasing.
Specializing in aerial photography, viewshed analysis, visual impact surveys, and balloon tests and drone tests for marketing, zoning, site planning, and architectural design.

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