Design and Fabrication Services

Our surveillance aerostat system can be utilized for operational support drone missions.

Drone Support Equipment & Services

  • Stealth catapult containers to boost the range and delivery for remotely piloted fixed-wing delivery drones.
  • Enhanced elevated over-the-horizon and beyond-line-of-sight tracking of B-to-B shuttle drones
  • 15-meter, guyed, periscope masts enable better 360° views of critical GPS satellites near the horizon. Increases BVLOS navigation and communication.
ddis aircraft carrier for drones elevation
swarming drone

Multirotor Launch Trailer

  • Stealth elevated UAV docking and charging stations to support autonomous mobile Hub for persistent aerial coverage
  • Aerial loiter and launch capability of small drone swarms from 260 meters over maritime ports

Let Us Build You OneNeed a Custom, Turn-Key Launch Trailer?

Our specialized facility can accommodate aerostats, fixed-wing drones, and multirotor drones.
  • Climate-controlled command center reduces crew fatigue during 24/7 deployments.
  • 50’ EO/IR periscope mast with guy wires, which allow elevated surveillance platforms to operate in up to 40mph winds.
  • Elevated observation deck improves staffs situational awareness with ability to look and listen in 360 degrees from 17ft off the ground.
  • 240 v generator, 120 and 12 voltages allows redundancy and longer missions.
  • Our mobile observation trailer can be towed at 60 mph, and set up for elevated RC/IR/EOS observations within 9 minutes of arrival.
  • Fiber optic, coax, RS-232 or wireless connection from the mast to trailer-based monitoring station
  • Elevated remotely controlled 50’ EO/IR periscope with powerful remotely controlled range finder binoculars. The data can be can be sent to TSA, FBI, or other airport security teams.
  • State of the art 40“ HD display screens in dark room enhances ability discern small and distant drone images.
  • Dedicated Artificial Intelligence algorithms to help classify common drone shapes (up to 1km). (AI training not included)
  • Optional “big ear” acoustical listening and recording device to improve ability to hear incoming drones. (Type and cost is TBD)
  • Elevated Radio Spectrometer antennas increases chance to detect the location of drones/ drone pilots. (Type and cost is TBD)
  • Mobile Command center FAA red and white strobe lights, rooftop “Security” signage and powerful search light helps illuminate and potentially deter stealth drone attacks near runways at night.
  • Mast-based (or moored balloon-based ) encrypted radio repeaters to keep pilots and airport security communications staff connected when deployed at distant runway stake out locations
  • DDIS mobile field office can help host some of client’s counter drone equipment. This includes 220 v power supply and stealth elevated turret mounts for “RF Jamming” equipment.
  • DDIS’s catapult for safe rapid launch of “chaser” drones, or small 20lb Radar dishes mounted to 49ft. panning masts.
  • Since most major international airports are near maritime ports UAV-Monitoring offers rapidly deployed Mil Spec boat for shallow water patrols.
  • Powerful stabilized range finding binoculars can be handheld or mounted on our 10 meter portable mast for an elevated survey of shallow coastal areas in heavy winds.

Launch and Recovery Services and Hardware

DDIS’s launch trailer can be adapted from lofting aerostats to launching and capturing fixed-wing drones in areas without runways or other safe landing areas.
Specializing in aerial photography, viewshed analysis, visual impact surveys, and balloon tests and drone tests for marketing, zoning, site planning, and architectural design.

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