How efficient is your Solar Farm?Aerial IR Solar Farm Inspection

We can conduct fast, efficient aerial scans of Solar farms using EO / IR drones or aerostats.

Solar Farm and Rooftop Solar Array Scanning

Using the highest commercially available resolution infrared camera, Digital Design & Imaging Service can effectively provide a thermal audit of the Solar farms and rooftop solar arrays. By using drones, aerostats, or manned aircraft, DDIS can provide a quick, safe, and cost-effective means of capturing high-resolution, radiometric, IR imagery and data. DDIS will design and implement a custom IR capture strategy for each array we analyze. This often means dividing the facades and roof into sections, which are then documented with thermal imaging and visible spectrum photography.

• Large-Scale Exterior Building Envelope (Rooftop and Facade) Inspection.
• Moisture and Heat-loss Detection.
• Overheating Equipment
• Environmental Inspection
• Aerial Visual Pipeline and Transmission Line Inspection
• Long-term Aerial Thermal Surveillance
• Public and private balloon tests.
• Expert witness testimony services.
• Aerial 360° Reverse Line-of-Sight interactive media from the tops of key structures as a means to instantly capture and present the maximum visual impact of a structure on its environment.
Specializing in aerial photography, viewshed analysis, visual impact surveys, and balloon tests and drone tests for marketing, zoning, site planning, and architectural design.

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