Aerial Photography 360° Viewshed Analysis

Elevating perspectives for over 2 decades. We utilize moored balloons, fixed wing UAVs, quadcopters (drones), masts, and even tower cranes to get the necessary view.

Let Us Help You Determine Your Visual Assets!

We specialize in helping developers and architects view the real views from any future floor of a proposed building. This not only helps with marketing, but with pricing. Let us help you determine which floor has the breaking views and which corner unit can see the key landmark.

Engineers, Architects, investors all benefit when accurate aerial viewsheds are calculated and captured from key floors of a proposed building or tall structure. A proposed building’s key assets are its exposure and likely views from certain apartment units. The potential viewsheds that cover the area’s iconic architecture are needed by the Architect in the beginning of the conceptual drawings. They are also invaluable for potential investors and tenants worldwide. Accurate aerial perspectives, captured from realistic vantage points, are critical for locating windows, balconies, columns, air conditioners and rooftop garden features. DDIS view photography and analysis services help clients evaluate, price, and analyze the best and worst views from various altitudes above a plot of land. Our annotated overlay’s and callouts communicate the value of a property to brokers, engineers and potential tenants.

360° Interactive Aerial Panoramas (Virtual Tours)

Our 360° panoramas are 3D virtual worlds where you can look around in any direction from a given point in space. Empowering developers and planners, 360° panoramas are used to preview vistas found at specific floors early in the planning stages. These panoramas can be the cornerstone of an interactive marketing campaign. Our aerial 360° tours, crane photography, real estate drone photography, balloon photography, and other aerial tools will take your development marketing and analysis to the next level.

Our 360° footage resolution ranges from 4k 1“ sensor drone cameras to full-frame 35mm 26mp+ camera clusters. This increased in resolution and magnification allows a viewer to more accurately understand what a human eye would see from this vantage point. It also allows marketing campaigns to capitalize on its higher resolution for print purposes. Imagine panoramas that could be wrapped around buses.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHYMarketing & Viewshed Analysis

Client can Live Preview & Capture
360° VR Panoramic views from:
– Key Floors
– Corner Offices
– Amenity Decks
– Penthouses
Crane-Mounted Sensor Cluster may include: DSLR Cameras | IR Cameras | Sound pollution recording equipment | RF Analyzing equipment | Others

Need a Map? We can add an informational overlay!High-Altitude Contextual Maps and Views

Let us help you place your building in the context of the neighborhood. By marrying high-altitude aerial views with informational overlays we can create unique maps that highlight your building’s and the neighborhood’s assets. Examples of informational Overlays: Nearby Amenities, Public Transportation, Walking Maps, Historic Landmarks, Forever views, New developments, Nearby Green Space, etc.

Crane-Mounted 360° Veiwsheds

DDIS can modify our aerial sensor payload so that it mounts to the hook of a construction crane, allowing us to measure, capture and analyze potential viewsheds. By using an existing tower crane we can capture and analyze the views (and blockages) from floor-specific windows or balconies. With the owners help, we engage the use of a crane when there is an active construction site. In this way we can avoid the safety issues associated with scaffolding, excavations and active concrete pouring. Use of a crane also allows us to document potential view corridors during high winds. Our result is a 360 degree virtual tour with annotated call outs highlighting nearby amenities. Our aerial 360° tours, crane photography, real estate drone photography, balloon photography, and other aerial tools will take your development marketing and analysis to the next level.

Helping Our Clients See Beyond the HorizonViewshed Planning & Analysis

Pre-construction sales of proposed penthouses with rooftop gardens, or communal outdoor spaces, depend on the quality of the outdoor space. Gusty winds, dark cold shadows, blocked views, belching chimneys, lack of privacy, commercial kitchen exhausts, and 24/7 HVAC noises are all negative aspects for a client expecting a rooftop oasis . Each element can be a potential deal breaker for the purchase of a proposed multi-million dollar penthouse. However, these environmental elements are often not known during the design review and pricing process. They are not even known until after the completion of building. We can provide these critical design tools years before a building is designed and constructed.

It is impossible to judge the quality of a proposed rooftop space just from the architect’s blueprints. For this reason we offer a unique rooftop preview and simulation service and advice. Our aerial data directly supports your pricing and sales of key units. in proposed residential towers.

As a landscape architecture-focused consulting firm, we are able to predict and document many negative environmental influences in advance. We can capture the decibel level and direction of nearby noise sources. We can measure and predict the relative wind speed, gusts, wind direction, and direct solar exposure for a particular balcony or penthouse unit. These microclimate studies are critical for predicting the success of comfortable communal spaces, solariums, pools, and productive gardens.

We are able to simulate 360° coverage from specific locations above proposed skyscrapers. We help our Clients determine the best way to capitalize on their views by analyzing sun angles, local winds, nearby noise sources and future blockages. Our unique aerostat balloon technology allows us to simulate the proposed height of cell towers, water tanks, power lines or skyscrapers. The public can see the height of a proposed structure in context to other adjacent structures. This accelerates zoning board decisions. This saves our clients time & money. Our aerial 360° tours, crane photography, real estate drone photography, balloon photography, and other aerial tools will take your development marketing and analysis to the next level.

360° Reverse Line-of-Sight Viewshed Study

Spherical Panoramas are effective tools, which provide 360° degree fields of view from above each sight. By capturing outward-looking images from our camera-cluster at a specific height and location, DDIS is able to determine the visual impact of anything located at that point in space. In other words, if the camera can see you, you can see the camera. This simple concept, paired with our unique aerostat technology allows us to provide quick and comprehensive visual impact studies, saving our Clients, time and money. To give a simple example of its application, a R.L.O.S. is able to effectively create a quick and accurate way of determining which of the surrounding areas would be able to view signage positioned on the new development. Our aerial 360° tours, crane photography, real estate drone photography, balloon photography, and other aerial tools will take your development marketing and analysis to the next level.
Specializing in aerial photography, viewshed analysis, visual impact surveys, and balloon tests and drone tests for marketing, zoning, site planning, and architectural design.

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