Aerial RF Spectrum Audit Services

Aerial Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Mapping and Audit Services


Through a Digital Design & Imaging Service, Inc. (DDIS) and Shared Spectrum Company (SSC) joint-partnership, we have created a quick, safe, and cost-effective way to map RF propagation loss and perform RF spectrum audits of entire cities or specific hard-to-access antennas.

DDIS has designed a 3D-printed, custom payload mount to loft SSC’s sensitive equipment to 800ft in highly restricted airspace. Our aerostat is ideally suited for this type of analysis, as it do not emit any electromagnetic spectral signature and can stay aloft for long durations. These two aspects are crucial when attempting to map an area’s RF signature and propagation loss.


Click to Play: Aerial visualization of RF spectrum data monitoring tests captured above downtown Washington DC. 360 degree sensor data was captured with DDIS’s proprietary tethered surveillance balloon at 800 ft above ground level.