360° Reverse Line-of-Sight Viewshed Study (Virtual Tour)

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360° Reverse Line-of-Sight Viewshed Study

Spherical Panoramas are effective tools, which provide 360° degree fields of view from above each sight. By capturing outward-looking images from our camera-cluster at a specific height and location, DDIS is able to determine the visual impact of anything located at that point in space. In other words, if the camera can see you, you can see the camera. This simple concept, paired with our unique aerostat technology allows us to provide quick and comprehensive visual impact studies, saving our Clients, time and money. To give a simple example of its application, a R.L.O.S. is able to effectively create a quick and accurate way of determining which of the surrounding areas would be able to view signage positioned on the new development. Our aerial 360° tours, crane photography, real estate drone photography, balloon photography, and other aerial tools will take your development marketing and analysis to the next level.