About Us

What We Do

    • >We specialize in aerial photography, visual impact studies, viewshed surveys, and balloon tests, for marketing, zoning, site planning, and architectural design. Due to our extensive experience and specialized aircraft (surveillance aerostats and drones), we are able to access highly restricted, urban airspace, when others cannot. We have captured aerial photography and provided aerial viewshed studies for many of the tallest buildings across the US. Our moored balloon is often flying in Washington, DC, and New York City. if you see an aerostat over the city, it’s probably us.
    • >Site plan  proposed landscape, architectural and engineering designs.
    • >Fly various payloads over cities to help city planners understand the visual impact of zoning density changes
    • >Due to our unique surveillance aerostat balloon technology, we can legally, safely get places where other types of aircraft, such as UAVs and manned helicopters cannot.
    • >DDIS has a blanket Certificate of Authorization granted by the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Safety Administration and the National Capital Region Coordination Center.

Why We Do It

  • >Architects and developer clients want to us to survey and evaluate the view from proposed skyscraper sites. We advise which proposed building designs should have the the most valuable views.They take our calculations, reports and documentation to guide them in locating windows, balconies, solar panels and amenity decks.  Our specialized aerial platform gets our sensors up to the right altitudes to sample height specific viewsheds, wind speeds, ambient noise and air pollution —-years before the actual tenants  move into the building.
  • >NASA scientists  and climatologists want us to lift payloads that are slated to go into outer space.
  • >Signage designers and marketing agencies ask us to fly our specialized aerostat balloon to get an idea of how large a sign needs to be for maximum legibility from various roads and metro stations. .
  • >Event planners and the news media hire us to measure and calculate the size of a crowd attending large outdoor events
  • >Telecoms hire is to aerially map radio frequency signals  to support and document the value of various critical communication frequencies.
  • >Security agencies want to place various infra red, optical, RF and communication relays on our tethered surveillance balloon to  monitor drones and other national security threats

Who We Are

  • >Line-of-Sight Specialists
  • >Image Analysts
  • >Visual Simulation Creators
  • >Inventors
  • >3D Designers
  • >Remote Imaging,RF, and Wx Payload Specialists
  • >Surveillance Aerostat (Moored Balloon) Pilots
  • >Drone Pilots (UAS RPICs)
  • >Crowd Count and Analysis Specialists
  • >Aerial Photographers
  • >IR Thermal Building Envelope Auditors
  • >Landscape Architects

Meet Our Team

Curt Westergard
Ryan Shuler
Project Manager, Image Analyst
Inge De Mey Westergard